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Basilisk species and ranks

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Basilisk species and ranks

Post by Malchora on Sun Jun 14, 2015 2:22 pm

Here is information on every kingdom, plus a few other things.

All Basilisks are venomous. Their breath is toxic, though not normally fatal. Also, their gaze can turn you to stone, though this can be revived via magic. (Very simple magic cast upon a stone figure can undo this.) Also, Basilisks are immune to each others gazes. This gaze is a power that can be used at will but will require a cool-down and may accidentally be misdirected and not hit it's target.


Cockatrice are the smallest basilisks, ranging from 5-10 feet in height. They have several wind and lightning powers. They are also fast and clever. They live in a desert environment and have several strongholds. They are very literary and write most of the books and papers that are read. They can fly, but they are also the weakest physically. Their diet consists mainly of insects, lizards, snakes, and small mammals. Their god is the god of the wind and weather.

Lizard Basilisk
This species is normally large than a Cockatrice but smaller than a Serpent Basilisk. Their sizes range in between 10 and 40 feet tall. They also have between 4 and 8 legs, the front two can also be used as arms. They are skilled artists and builders. Always working towards a bigger, grander monument. They live in an ornate palace surrounded with a beautiful city. They are quick runners and skilled climbers. They feed on a variety of jungle-dwelling animals. They have control over earth and (sometimes) nature. Their god is Malchora, the god of earth and nature.

Serpent Basilisk

The biggest of all Basilisks, when their body is halfway off the ground, they are 15-30 feet tall. They are also 30-60 feet long. They are the most militaristic, and live in a large underground castle created by an ancient race of Earth dragons. Their home is in the swamps, where they feast on fish, alligators, and turtles. Their power is control over water. They are the most militaristic of all basilisks, but they ordinarily don't  use clever or complicated strategies. Their god is Vipur, the god of water.


Have no tribe. Can be any type of Basilisk, or a dragon.


Dragons come in many different colors, shapes, and sizes. They have varied breaths and abilities, and sometimes travel in packs. Originally there was one large tribe of dragons that were of earth and water, but the serpent basilisks took their palace and drove them to near-extinction. But otherwise dragons are loners or perhaps small packs. They can also live anywhere.

Ranks (from most to least important.)

God/goddess-Helps their kingdom every now and then but is mostly just worshiped.
Leader-Leads their kingdom with the help of their mate. (limit per kingdom:2)
Adviser-Helps the leader with decisions. Normally has slightly different ideals from the leader. (Example: a peaceful leader may have an adviser who is more warlike.) When the leader dies, the adviser takes the throne. (limit per kingdom:1)
Royal Legionnaire-Defends the leader and adviser. Also helps with military decisions and is the first to charge into battle. (limit per kingdom:5)
Legionnaire-The warriors in the kingdoms army. (no limit)
Hunter-Everyone can, and must, hunt. But hunters are especially skilled at it. They fill the food stores and make sure that there is enough food to go around.
Artisans, scholars, blacksmiths, and healers-Play a less militaristic role in the tribe. Younglings who are either too weak, or don't wish to be a hunter or legionnaire become one of these roles.
Youngling-Are trained by different Legionaries or hunters. They begin training at 4 years of age and end at 10 years.
Apprentice-Train to become either an artisan, a scholar, or a blacksmith. Like younglings, they begin training at 4 and end at age 10. Unlike younglings, however, they only have one trainer.
Hatchling-Baby Basilisks.
Citizen-Have no specific role. They may hunt sometimes, but that is it.

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