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Malchora, goddess of nature and Earth

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Malchora, goddess of nature and Earth

Post by Malchora on Sun Jun 14, 2015 5:19 pm

Name- Malchora
Species- Lizard Basilisk
Kingdom- None, cause I'm a goddess!
Rank- Lizard Basilisk goddess.

Personality- Malchora is clever, and enjoys drawing. She prefers being treated as an equal rather than a god. She enjoys chatting with friends. But she hates large crowds. She can become angry when others try to take over what she is doing, or when others ask her for things while she is busy.
Likes- Her powers, drawing, hanging out with a friend or two, monuments, her people.
Dislikes- People bowing to her, people trying to do things for her, crowds, being asked to do something while busy.
Fears- Losing her powers and that she is not a good enough god for her people.

Appearance- Malchora is a six-legged Lizard Basilisk. She is a dark green in color and has navy blue spines, yellow horns, and brown claws.
Eye color- Amber.
Height- 40 feet tall.

History and abilities
History- Ummm... was a god...? (I'm so lazy. XD)
Strengths- Malchora is moderately clever. She is also incredibly quick and a good climber.
Weaknesses- She sometimes overestimates her abilities, and also doesn't like to ask for help, considering it a weakness. She is overconfident when facing a mortal, even though some mortals have the strength to take her down.
Powers- She can turn others to stone, though she needs to wait a while before she can do it again. She can speed up the growth of plants, or create a wall of thorns. She can also cause cave-ins or avalanches and earthquakes. (Although last time she caused a cave-in she was trapped for 100 years because a mortal had tricked her into fighting in a place beyond her control over earth.)
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