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Viper, Goddess of Water WIP

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Viper, Goddess of Water WIP

Post by Vipur on Sun Jun 14, 2015 10:54 pm

(Insert image here)
Name- Vipur
Species- Serpent Basilisk
Kingdom- Serpent Swamp
Rank- Goddess

Personality- Vipur can be coldhearted to strangers, but friendly to others she knows. She is loyal to her worshipers, always being in touch with them. Vip will also help them out in times of need. She can get a bit stubborn and feisty with others. She likes to help others no matter what.
Likes- Being wet, rain, darkness, swimming.
Dislikes- Heat, dryness, fire, lightning.
Fears- Being trapped or imprisoned, being poisoned.

Eye color-
Height- (How tall is your character? If you are a serpent basilisk, then just do how tall you would be if you were rearing halfway off the ground)

History and abilities
History- Too Lazy.
Strengths- Being in water, is very fast.
Weaknesses- Fire, and being out of the water for a long time.
Powers- Control water, shoot a blast of water out of her mouth,
rp sample- Lynx from DRF


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